Wahoo vs Garmin [MTB Mapping]

Looking specifically into mtb mapping here. I’m familiar with how each unit works but the one thing keeping me on garmin is the Trailforks integration. I know wahoo has it, but at least in its infancy, was abysmal

Can anyone on a wahoo comment on offroad maps, either with Trailforks or otherwise? My 830 battery is starting to go and I’m debating replacing with a refurb 830 vs jumping ship to wahoo. A refurb 830 and bolt/roam on sale are all around the same price. I’ve also heard rumors of new units from wahoo on the horizon?

I don’t have any info on Wahoo. However, my Edge 1040 has all of the local trails in Tucson that I ride in the maps. You can do routes on the trails and ClimbPro works perfectly on the trails that I ride with or without a route.

Wahoo has decent but not perfect off-road maps. My experience has been trail centers (Kingdom trails in VT for example) are well mapped, local trails can be a bit hit or miss. I would say ‘most’ of my local trails are on it but not all. I’d bet that is location dependent, I’m in eastern mass so a lot of our woods are in state forests, preserves etc. that are managed so maybe the maps are more updated? I don’t know what wahoo uses to source its maps, if you can find that out, it might provide some insight.

Wahoo uses OpenStreetMaps. You can update OSM yourself, and there is a tool to generate your own maps for the head units[1] from the data.

[1] GitHub - treee111/wahooMapsCreator: Create maps for Wahoo device based on latest OSM maps

Has Trailforks been updated since its wahoo release? It’s damn good on a phone or garmin but every review of the wahoo integration has been pretty poor