Garmin Edge 530 + Trailforks Integration

Need to update my head unit and toying between the Garmin edge 530 and the new Wahoo Bolt v2

I am looking to ride more trails on my gravel bike or possibly buying a hardtail – so i was curious if any users had found the Trailforks integration on the Edge 530 useful in any way at all or is it somewhat redundant?

thanks in advance for any thoughts - and others you might have regarding the Wahoo Bolt v2 vs Garmin 530 for navigation off road

I upgraded to the 530 from my 510, at least partly, for this same reason. I’ve used it a fair amount off road for the past few months. My main takeaways are:

  • The off road navigation / maps are significantly better on the 530.
  • It is worth making sure to turn off a few features, like auto re-routing, when you are on trails because it tends to get confused and repeatedly tries to circle you back even though you know you are on the right track.
  • I tried using the Trailforks integration and had several frustrating experiences and gave up. Not sure if this is just me, or a general issue with the app.
  • Not related to your question :slight_smile: but the 530 is also significantly better for outdoor workouts, in my opinion (the other reason I chose to upgrade).

I read up a lot on the 530 and Bolt/Roam via DC Rainmaker and went with the 530.



yeah its the trailforks/off road issue that is the dealbreaker for me (if it works)

did you find the 530 was useful at telling you which trail you were at automatically as DC Rainmaker lists? or was it not really working as you mentioned?

i currently have an old 820 and its useless for mapping completely

appreciate your input !

The 830 highlights the trail you are on so it is easy to see. And when you come to a stop it brings up information about the trail you are on. I rarely use the function at all, but it FEELS like it could be really useful.

My Garmin is mounted out of view on my trail bike, but I can grab it if I need to see it. I would just use my watch, but it is fun looking back at the jump information sometimes :yum:

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are you a MTB ride r- if so, its interesting that you hardly use the feature - makes me think its not that useful afterall!

thanks for the input

When 99% of my riding is the same trails I always ride, why would I need to use it? It would be like pulling out the GPS so I could figure out how to drive from home to the grocery store :rofl:

I have the Edge 830 which I upgraded to from an 800 and it’s as good as I’d hoped it would be… partner integrations are great, particularly routes. created on Komoot, Strava and Garmin Connect
the Trailforks is useful when you arrive in known area with multiple routes, it gives you options if you wish to choose routes in a particular location etc… Im more a roady than anything but when I’ve been out on the MTB in unfamiliar local hills it has always shown me routes available etc. Hope the helps somewhat. worth noting that Komoot is really good for picking up routes of others… I’ve been taking my cyclocross bike up to Aberfoyle and following Kerry MacPhee’s gravel routes

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got ya!

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The 530 has good trail navigation built in, so I don’t feel like I a missing anything from TrailForks. The 530 does a good job of showing you the trail you are on and pinging you when a fork / turn is coming up. It is definitely a big improvement over my previous model.

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i have tried to set this up and done extensive digging?

could you enlighten me? did it just show up automatically for you ?

thank you!

Hmmm, I don’t remember making any specific steps to set it up initially. Are you setting the sport mode to Mountain Bike before you start? I think that mine just showed up when I was in the MTB mode. I do still have the TrailForks app on the Garmin, but I don’t think that influences the normal navigation. I could be wrong there though.

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good shout - i had not done that!

i will try that this weekend and let you know!

thank you so much! had really been confused what i might have overlooked!

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Cool. Yes, for sure try using MTB sport mode. This also activates all the new MTB metrics, like Grit and Jumps/Hang Time.