Wahoo Tickr X Question

Hi. I do spin class and have a wahoo tickrx i use as a heart rate monitor. Recently, the snap on the strap broke. I went to their site and they were sold out. Put a support ticket asking where I can get one. Do any of you guys use a different brand strap with yours? Does that work?


There are dozens of them on Amazon. These straps are generally “universal” when it comes to the snap style design. Check the description and reviews. There aren’t any OEM replacements, but given supply chain constraints in 2021, beggars can’t be choosers. There should be some options of comparable quality you can get in the short term ~$15


Sarah is 100% correct. One thing to note/look for - My older tickr and new tickr have different shaped strap ends - the old style fits the new one, but not as securely. Not sure about vice versa. The old style is convex and the new style is concave. Just look for a picture of the ends to match the one you have.