Wahoo Tickr Chest strap issues

I had the identical issues indoor and out, in fact it was outdoor workouts that I first started noticing the issues.

Batteries, flipping the strap, cleaning the connections, only thing that reliably worked was putting on a different strap that didn’t actually “fit” properly and hold it together with tape, then I could get reliable hr data.

So something with the cloth strap itself, or something with the strap/tickr interaction over time causing the issue.

They are warrantying me a full new device.

I’ve had great history with a kickr snap, absolutely LOVE my kickr core, an elemnt bolt and my gen 1 tickr x, and they have been quick to warranty this, so still happy with wahoo overall.

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Shame to see all these negative experiences. I’ve had my gen1 for nearly 4 years now and I think I’ve had it crash once, ever (it had low battery). Aside from that it’s been completely faultless. I’m even still on the original strap, although the electrodes are just starting to peel at the edges now.

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Or you can buy a new strap for couple of USD. I have tested some cheap Chinese alternative and works the same. It was something like 10 usd.

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The electrodes peeling at the edges can likely be re-stuck using an appropriate flexible adhesive ( I can see the adhesive on mine, but haven’t researched what would work )

Still works great though.

I’d like to point out the karma that my strap broke today before a ramp test.

After changing batteries ect ect Wahoo customer services are sending me a replacement unit :+1:thanks for all the msgs guys!:ok_hand:

The replacement for my gen2 showed up a few days ago too, quick response and delivery!

Hope they’ve resolved the issue and this one stays accurate! :slight_smile:

same issue here - weird spikes and dropouts after about a year of use. Tried all the usual but then just got a Polar on sale and MUCH better device that also can be used for HRV stuff unlike the Tickr.

I have used my tickr for hrv for years.

the HRV app guys specifically say not to use that one as its just not accurate enough and gives too many artifacts and unreliable results

Most of what I hve read seems tonindicate that they transmit good data over BLE but garbage r-r data over ant+ so to use BLE only ( same goes for the tickr fit arm band ).

Mine seems pretty in line with expectations and my physiologist who uses some of the data hasn’t mentioned finding any issues with the data, though if it’s inconsistency between devices it’s possible i got lucky :stuck_out_tongue:

Had the same issues as the original poster, contacted wahoo support, who sent new unit after some preliminary questions. Unit okay for a couple of months then same issue, contacted wahoo who sent another new unit, this time had a revised strap design, so far all good.

I first got a replecement strap that looked different, but had the original unit still, and it eventually had the same fate.

Hopefully the new strap and new unit combo will do the trick!

So far so good, but hasn’t been months yet :stuck_out_tongue:

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What is different about the revised strap? I just ordered a Tickr2 and hoping I get the revised version.

Piece of crap. My HR used to go down during threshold trainings. I stopped using it.

I had the same issue, but it took me a while to realize the issues were not caused by Wi-Fi interference (I started using it during winter for indoor training).

I reached out to Wahoo and sent them an export of a few of my rides. They sent me a new strap (2nd gen.) to test if the strap caused it.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t because the new strap didn’t solve the issues. So, I reached out to them again (with new exports), and they provided me with a replacement HR monitor. :slight_smile: With it, I haven’t experienced any issues yet.

I have to say their support was superb and the new replacements were delivered within a week across Europe.

The electrode plastic pads (near each end of strap) are thicker with a Cris-Cross pattern embossed. The pads were smooth plastic.

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Yea, Gen 1 (at the bottom) vs Gen 2 (at the top)

I am on my 3rd tickr over 4 years. One was a free replacement, one was a discounted replacement. The other change in strap from above is some oldr versions have a convex connectr edge (oval) vs. these concave versions. the old strap will work with new tickrs, but moves around a lot more.

Also, I have had strap issues like mentioned here - i find occasionally washing them - mostly i bring in the showr with me, keeps the sweat/salt at bay, which i think does damage. Similarly i try to wipe the tickr off well after rides. I am convinced over time sweat/salt gets into the tickrs and wreaks havoc. I have used contact cleanr sprayed inside before which clears up issues for a while.