Wahoo Tickr Chest strap issues

My first Tickr started acting funny after about a year. I think the strap had gone bad, even though it looked fine physically, but something was no longer working correctly electrically (e.g. pads coming loose, snap connections failing, etc).

Mine never has worked properly. If it works properly and loses signal for a moment, then it is stuck or too low or too high. Gen1 is ok, gen2 is basically useless.


I also had issues with Wahoo tickr chest straps. I got 2 in the midst of 2020 and one of them failed due to a bad chest strap. The unit pod is fine and works with other straps.

I have this problem. I’ll be doing threshold intervals and towards the end of the second one, my heart rate will drop by about a third. I even RMAed a Tickr and got a replacement, but the new one does the same thing, so I’m not entirely sure what to do aside from switching to a different HR monitor.

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Tbh, i’m at the point where I’m contemplating a switch too. The Polar H10 has really good reviews but it is a bit pricier.

I’d reach out to Wahoo first. I posted my experience with having issues on my brand new Tickr2 and reaching out to Wahoo on it (who eventually sent another one free of charge).

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Wahoo has already sent me a new unit free of charge. This is either a serious QA issue or a design issue.

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Have the same issue with mine. Have read in a few other message boards of people with the same problem too. Agree that it’s a serious QA issue or poor design. Either way it’s back to Garmin for me.

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Yep, mine lasted about 3 months before it started doing that, and then died entirely. I went back to my Polar H10.

I had issues a few months ago with the HR almost 2 times as actual rate, Wahoo replaced the strap and that worked for a few months now it is doing once more they are sending me a new unit this time, will see if that fixes the issue.

This issue has popped up a couple of times in the forum. Short answer, best I can tell: Wahoo has a problem with their 2nd (?) gen straps. I got very frustrated with my issues and switched to the Polar H10. No issues and looking back.

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This is exactly what happens to me!

I had an issue with my wahoo strap not too long ago. HR measurements started to become erroneous after about a year of use. I replaced the strap with a Magene strap that was available for quite cheap here. The combo has been serving me well since. I hope this helps.

This exactly

My first gen 2 strap worked for about 3 months, and then a few workouts got sporadic until it was basically “stuck” at around 100 bpm all the time.

Throw a gen 1 strap on, and worked flawlessly, ( had to use tape to hold it together as they are not designed to mate well ) so the troubleshooting identified the strap as the issue.

They confirmed the strap is a known issue, sent me a new one, and it worked… around 3 months.

I am back to taping my gen 1 strap on.


New ticket created.

I’m really noticing a pattern with Wahoo. Lots of generations of products. Each with a new problem…

I’ve had some bad experiences with the gen 2. It did the same as described. I RMA’d it and got another and it did the same as well. Oddly it works better outdoors, so I am using it for outdoor rides, but I’m not sure if it’s the interference in my pain cave that affects it, but I can only use a gen 1 inside. Unfortunately, the gen 1 straps break after a while as the button corrodes and then breaks out of the strap. Just had one break and now on my last gen 1 strap. After that goes, I’ll be looking at something else. The gen 2 units are definitely problematic.

Never. Just wanted to put one in the positive column here…try batteries

I had the identical issues indoor and out, in fact it was outdoor workouts that I first started noticing the issues.

Batteries, flipping the strap, cleaning the connections, only thing that reliably worked was putting on a different strap that didn’t actually “fit” properly and hold it together with tape, then I could get reliable hr data.

So something with the cloth strap itself, or something with the strap/tickr interaction over time causing the issue.

They are warrantying me a full new device.

I’ve had great history with a kickr snap, absolutely LOVE my kickr core, an elemnt bolt and my gen 1 tickr x, and they have been quick to warranty this, so still happy with wahoo overall.

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Shame to see all these negative experiences. I’ve had my gen1 for nearly 4 years now and I think I’ve had it crash once, ever (it had low battery). Aside from that it’s been completely faultless. I’m even still on the original strap, although the electrodes are just starting to peel at the edges now.

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Or you can buy a new strap for couple of USD. I have tested some cheap Chinese alternative and works the same. It was something like 10 usd.

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