Wahoo thru axle adapter

I just got a wahoo kicker snap and the thru axle kit since I have disc brakes. My question is, can I keep the thru axle adapter on my bike even for outside rides or should I be swapping the thru axle to the original whenever I’m not using the trainer?

It’s slightly annoying having to switch the axles out but I’ll do it if I should.

I can’t see why not. It does stick out a little more… meaning with your meat slicer discs you have a meat skewer too! :slight_smile: Just remember to have a hex key with you in the event you need to change a tyre.


Yeah, no issue leaving it on the bike. I leave it at times and swap it out depending on the type of ride outside or if my wife needs it for her bike.

Thanks - this makes it easier to stick to my training!