Wahoo Speedplay pedals - can you shim laterally?

Just dug around the web and didn’t find anything.

Is there a way to shim wahoo speedplay pedals laterally, as in left to right? I want to raise the right side of my right foot. I’ve always heard they are ‘infinitely’ adjustable.

Number of reasons.

  1. My right foot does not feel comfortable. It just feels off, especially as training increases.
  2. My right knee is noticeably further away from the top tube than my left when I pedal. It almost looks like I’m sitting on the bike diagonally.

Maybe my ankle is a little crooked. I do have a herniated disc in my lower back, which may be the reason why I favor one side.

You want to change the tilt? You can move the cleat left-right on the bolts about 5mm. You can put an external shim BikeFit Cycling Cleat Wedges or an internal shim

You can push the pedal out a bit with either a pedal washers 1-3mm or spindles (not sure if the wahoo ones have these.

Moving the cleat on your shoe is more about balancing the inside/outside of your foot in the shoe than knee correction.

Have you tried rotating your saddle a mm or two the side?

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Yeah. Tilt, left to right.
I was thinking a modified insole could work.
It’s not so much about knee correction. I don’t mind not being symmetrical but my foot just does not feel like it’s on a flat surface. It feels like the pedal is not parallel to the ground even though it is.

  • For clarity, this usually applies to the float rotation, left-right twist, as a result of their set screws in the cleat. It is unique in the pedal world since most setups offer cleats with a specific float angle limite (like 0*, 3*, 6*, etc.) for their “adjustment”. The SpeedPlay Zero cleat allows infinite adjustment to that rotation via the fine screw tuning.

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As covered well above, what you are talking about is called “wedge” angle and can be done on just about any road style pedal (including SP) with those shims.

As to your observations and comments about your fit and function, there’s not enough info to make any recommendations without seeing you in person. Body alignment must be reviewed with you off the bike to start, and then on the bike. That combined with any points of interest (pain, injury, etc.) will guide a fitter towards making changes to your setup. Wedges may well be appropriate, or could lead to new and different issues while not addressing the initial ones.

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I’m dealing with this as well. My feet seem to have shrank over the COVID period, throwing everything off.
0) Make sure the insole is right with the arch support in the right spot fore/aft/height and the heel lift feels good.

  1. Move the cleat around to get the foot balanced on the pedal first, then deal with the knee.
  2. For the knee, try pointing the saddle toward the good knee a degree or two - because it is free and quick.
  3. Then play with the shims. I haven’t had good luck with these. The ones outside of the shoe are better than the ones inside of the as they attack the whole foot rather than just the forefoot.
  4. Finally, pedals. Older speedplays had a lot of spindle and thickness options, the newer wahoo ones don’t. They make spaces you can test with before getting the proper spindle. stance width Archives - BikeFit
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