Speedplay Zero Natural Flow

I use speedplay zero pedals. Is there an approach to determine the natural flow of my feet and adjust the flow setting accordingly, or is it more of a trial and error process? Thanks.

On blue or red Shimano cleats, you have to rotate the cleats to account for how your feet angle themselves naturally. Probably most of us are a bit heel in. There’s not enough float on the blue cleats to let you just set the cleat in a neutral position and go. I haven’t used Shimano yellow cleats, but I think they have enough float for most people.

Speedplay is the same way. Set the cleat up. I tend to default to putting my cleats as far back as possible. Do what you usually do for fore-aft positioning. Then I would generally set the lateral position in the center of the grooves to start, unless you get cues that you need the cleats moved. For example, maybe your heels are rubbing.

As to rotational float, they have a whole 15 degrees of float. Your feet should just find their natural position. You can then adjust the set screws that control the cleat’s release angle if you like; I just left them unadjusted. That said, I started riding SP’s X series pedals.

For me personally my heels need to come in on the downstroke so Ive always just opened heel-in rotation to the max and left heel-out untouched. Ive never been terribly scientific about it as I was desperate at the time to get over a knee injury and after it worked Ive always just left it more open than necessary to be on the safe side Ive always been surprised there didnt seem to be a performance improvement to run tight. That was 20 years ago now. Ive also tried angled shims, arch supports and orthotics but heel in float is what I need to keep my knees happy. My approach would be to start wider than you think you need and then slowly dial in heel out followed by heel in but error on the more open side. And just go by your knee pain to guide you. Ive also found it takes me 20 or 30 miles before the pain starts so it can be a long process.
Also if it wasnt for knee pain I wouldnt ride these pedals and would be on look or time. They are finicky at best.

Thanks. That’s the process I am going through right now. I don’t have to worry about heel out. My natural stance is heel in, and my right foot makes up a bigger angle. I use a marker on my cleats to note the settings I have tried.

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