Wahoo sensor battery replacement

Does anyone have a trick to opening the wahoo rpm cadence sensor case. I have tried coins, fat screw drivers, break disc ( The sram disc almost matches the curve of the plastic case)

I have just about destroyed the plastic shell and have only change the battery 3 times!



I just dealt with this the other day, huge pain.
Might sound stupid but I had it around and it worked. The steel chain checker from park tool

I used a butter knife last week.

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Mega annoying.

Oh good, not just me then.

I suspect something like this designed for taking apart phones/tablets would do the trick, but I’m too impatient to buy tools for a specific job and end up just hammering away at it with random things from my toolbox until it’s open.

Amazing that it’s still waterproof really.


I usually use a quarter.

I have a hard time getting mine to close back up completely. Not a great mechanical design.

I use a quarter or a loonie

Mine is full of nicks and marks from my attempts at getting it open. Used a screwdriver and a coin today and found that the rubber seal is split :unamused: - possibly from using the screwdriver