Wahoo Power Pedal Crapped Out Partway Through Ride

My left power pedal crapped out with about ten minutes left in my ride this morning. The battery was fine – 50% on both – and it connected to the Wahoo app it just wasn’t sending any data to the head unit. I’ve updated the software on the head unit and am fully charging the pedals before my ride tomorrow. Has anybody else had this happen?

Haven’t had that happen, but I believe my Wahoo pedals are reading about 15-20% low right now…planning on contacting support this week.

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I contacted support. They are totally useless. I should have done more research before I committed to the Wahoo ecosystem. Oh well.

I had that issue with Stage L/R on a weekend where I didn’t have fresh batteries. I pulled them out, wiped them off (they were fairly fresh) and popped them back in. Had to work a little to get them to be found by the Edge head unit, but they were good for a few more days.Contacting support of any kind is a crap shoot. I just try everything I can think of to get things working again, and it usually works fine. Usually…

Tech support divisions are not huge profit makers, just like employees in general I guess…

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Good points. Tech support is also not an area where I have much patience. :slight_smile: