Wahoo kickr issue after changing belt

Hello I recently changed my wahoo kickr 2016-2017 belt. Now the it is ubearable to do a threshold workout or above. I already done a factory calibration with the wahoo fitness app and a noramal calibration with TrainerRoad app. I am using a bestorq belt not the gates one, but I don’t think it should be an issue. What could be wrong?

Maybe it’s too tight and even doing a factory calibration isn’t really helping? Don’t know, sorry, but all I can add is that I replaced the belt on my '17 Kickr a few months ago and had a couple of attempts at getting the belt tension set. What’s your spindown number when you calibrate?

How did you set the belt tension? I recall there being a ‘gates’ belt app that they recommend you use to set the tension.


For iOS

Yep, that’s the one. Just looked through my notes, and the information I got 2nd had said 100Hz with that app was appropriate for a gen 2(2016) kickr. This may be different on newer models.

Same belt on 16 and 17 as I recall.

Bought 3 of them for under $50


OK, I guess it was the '18 that they moved to the grooved (and now quiet) belt. I could see that different belt type having a different tension, but I would expect both ribbed belt models to be the same.

Correct, the 18 is Grooved whereas ours are Ribbed

Can only guess we have more pleasure knowing ours are way cheaper to replace! :wink:

I didn’t realise there was an app, I simply did it the way I do most things - half arsed after a quick bit of youtube research! https://youtu.be/Rpxb3iPU-iM

and a V1 Kickr. V1, V2, and V3 should be the same.

That was me. I got the information from Wahoo Support. I had to pester them a fair bit to get it, because too little tension and it slips. Too much tension and it creates excessive friction, and possibly bearing wear.

It came about because I watched their belt replacement video, and how to tighten to “spec” and found it completely inadequate. I performed to their spec, and it ended up being too tight.

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Thanks, I seems the belt was to tight, I loosen it a bit and its normal again. On the other hand the Bestorq belt I bought is extremely noisy. I put again the old Gates one. It seems that it can work for a few more months of use. Will have to buy a new Gates to change it. Bestorq belt is cheaper but too loud.