Wahoo Kickr Snap - not hitting targets in erg mode

I’ve noticed during high power intervals, and today during my ramp test, I was not hitting the target power though I’m in erg mode and pedaling only a few rpms slower.

Does anyone know why my trainer would be hitting a ceiling?

I realize another thought could be my weak legs. But I figured I’d look for possible technical issues in tandem.

Some trainers around the price point of the Snap suffer from wattage ceilings and/or floors. This means the resistance unit may not be able to reach high or low values in ERG mode without shifting up or down. This is a limitation in the functional range of the resistance unit, and must be overcome by the rider shifting.

In your example, we see people reporting similar issues where they “top out” on resistance and ERG is unable to increase resistance beyond that ceiling. So they need to shift to a harder (faster) gear on the bike, which yields more resistance.

I can’t site specific examples, but would not be surprised if the Snap has issues like this.

  • Do you know which gearing you used?
  • Is this the same gearing you use for regular workouts?
  • Have you experienced a ceiling in other workouts besides the Ramp?

So this is what’s holding me back! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the quick response. To answer your questions:

  • I was using the small ring with the second largest gear in the cassette (not sure what the actual sizes are off the top of my head).
  • Yes, I generally keep it the same.
  • Yes, during sprint workouts. The last one I did was in resistance mode which helped (as you mentioned).
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  • OK, this means it’s more likely that you hit a ceiling. You can either start with a higher gear to start (assuming the trainer can still get low enough), or add a gear or two as you progress through the test to “raise the ceiling”.
  • Honestly not sure which is better and but would try to shift before you get into those final minutes of the test, because the shift is likely to cause some disturbance that may lead to an earlier crash.

Maybe I’ll try starting in a higher gear and see how that works.


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