Wahoo Kickr Overheating and Solution

I searched for an answer here and on the web and ended up contacting the Wahoo support team.

My Kickr (newest model as of aug 2019) overheated during this workout:(https://www.trainerroad.com/career/emil%20eriksen/rides/64354619-carson)

The solution from wahoo support is:

“I would recommend pointing a fan towards the flywheel from the rear of your KICKR setup to prevent excessive heat building up, especially during high-wattage workouts. When you experienced no resistance during your last interval, this was the KICKR automatically shutting down before it reached temperatures that could damage the unit.”

There you have it - a simple solution if you encounter this problem.

(some words for the search algorithm (Kickr hot, heat, shutdown, resistance drop))

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What kind of temp was the workout environment at ?

around 15C (59f)

Wow, I’m surprised it is overheating at that low of an ambient temperature. I’ve routinely run my '17 in a hot garage (85-90F) and not had that problem. My FTP is only 240ish though.

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I’m surprised it overheated in 59F ambient, with only 300W intervals.

After one of these workouts, before cool down, do a spin down and see what the temperature is reported to be? I don’t know of any other way to get a reading from the Kickr.

You can also use a laser thermometer and see what that reports, but it’s external.

Im doing 3x12min today ill try the spindown

What gear did you use for your workout? I could imagine a lower gear is better.

I don’t really see a missing resistance in your recording, just a single spike going down for a second at the end. I do experience that too but I always blamed it on a breakdown of the Bluetooth connection.


It might very well be a connection problem…

I did a spindown about 5min after my last hard interval of tunemah this morning and the recorded temp was around 50C

Coudnt get the spindown to work for the first five min tho

This describes my Kickr exactly, crazy high “offset” measure (used to bee in the ~500s new, now 32769), and had frequent erg mode / connection issues. A $10 fan pointed at it fixed the issues. I’ve had it for over 5 years and 1500ish rides, counting myself lucky that this was the worst issue I’ve faced with it (knock on wood).

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Ridden my V1 Kickr most of the summer during weekdays where is was close to or at 100 degrees in my garage in N.C. and never had that issue before. Strange. I put it through high intensity intervals for extended times and threshold intervals for 20 minutes over 300 watts. Probably jinxed myself now. Only issue I had was a snapped belt a year ago but I replaced that myself.

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That’s pretty high. Thanks for the update. A fan, indeed. I’ve never had a shutdown, on my V1, but do get a fair amount of temperature drift as the workout progresses along. I’ll look into a fan as well.

6 weeks in and I ONLY had one dropout.

I did change to big ring and small cog in the back. After this change i noticed lower temps on the flywheel.

Did you also use a fan, or just change gears? How has it been for the past few months?
I started getting this issue today, after 2.5 years with my KickR.

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Just went from small ring in the front to big ring in the front. Still no problems

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Maybe you legs need a trainer each after 2 years of trainerroad :wink:

I had a similar problem with the 2018 kickr when doing over unders. Where I live we are 30C and I had my a/c at 16C. Wrote to Wahoo and they replaced it for free. Seems like they know of this problem.

I think I figured out my problem… Sunlight on the optical sensor. Causes the Kickr to act up. Hasn’t been an issue for me in the past since I usually train in the early morning. But I’ve been self-quarantined these past few days and training during the daytime


I am having the same problem. Assuming they agree to replace mine as well, how many did you have without a trainer?