2016 Kickr Bad Belt Wear?


Anyone here have issues with there Kickr wearing belts? I have (2) 2016 units that my fiancé and myself use a good amount. These are the both the 2016 model and have been totally trouble free since new. One unit is still 100% perfect(knock on wood) and the other is showing some strange belt wear. These are the units with the ribbed belt and not grooved like the newer units. What we are seeing is the belt not staying centered on the large cassette pully. The issue with this is the side of the belt is wearing down and throws off small rubber chunks the size of grains of sand. I tore down both units to inspect all the bearings and both units have bearings in good shape. The only difference is the unit with the belt wear uses a belt tensioner that is just two bearings, where the other unit uses a tensioner that is two bearing set in a steel pully with tapered sides to keep the belt aligned. From what I have found this steel pully is still used on the new units.

As a little test I swapped tensioner pullies from trainer to trainer to see what would happen, and the unit with the belt wear still had an off centered belt with the new pully design.

Another interesting thing i have noticed is that if you rotate the trainer in reverse the one with belt wear makes a faint belt squeaking noise and the good unit is silent.

I have reached out to Wahoo a few days back and have not heard anything, so I figured someone on here might have had a similar issue?

We also have (2) 2016 Kickr trainers in our house and haven’t noticed any issues with either.

I am just curious what you consider “a good amount” of use (maybe a total hour estimate or hours per week)?

For reference, mine has been used since new and probably gets an average of 3-4 hours a week since then (maybe weeks with 6+ but generally not).

My wife’s I bought used last fall (so only ~5-6 months old to us) but since then has been on a similar usage as mine - maybe a touch less per week. Her device has unknown usage and maintenance history before we bought it.

i owned a kickr 16 the belt did eventually wear out , it started making a clunking noise.
i replaced the belt and everything was fine for a long time.
wahoo sells replacement belts

I was getting a loud noise and I ended up adjusting the belt tension, which was very easy and quieted the noise. Given the amount of adjustment it is probably something I should have done sooner.


Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I am having the exact same issue with new belt wearing down quickly and noticing they are not centre on the large wheel suspecting something is a kiss around the tensioner?