New to TrainerRoad and smart trainer

Been training on a simple wheel-on magnetic clutch indoors. New to cycling in December 2017. Been on several group rides including 2018 Mountain BRAG, and BRAG USBR21.
Looking at KICKR Core, but some of the comments scare the @#$!& out of me regarding the Core’s quality. Comments there please.

I am getting so much better at cycling that I want to train for the Senior Olympics/Games in the states around me. Can I load the race course into TrainerRoad, or perhaps one very similar to get realistic training?

The problem with the simple clutch is that on ‘3’ a friend said I had it too hard to pedal. But, now, on ‘3’, I hit 22mph for 20K, so went to ‘4’ and my times dropped by 2 minutes (much harder!). No fine adjustment.
Moultrie, GA

You can indeed! The best way to do this is using a tool called Best Bike Split. You can learn how to use BBS here:

As for issues with the KICKR Core, these threads may be able to provide some insight:

Welcome to TrainerRoad and feel free to reach out if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the great reply!
I use RideWithGPS now, and it lets me put in the course and save it. It shows me the road and elevations with percent grade.
But, it seems like BBS allows me to add so much more to the equation!

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