Wahoo Kickr Core - Shaking

I’ve had to keep all workouts/rides in ERG mode on the small ring for a few months as it otherwise vibrates quite violently and shakes my downstairs neighbor’s apartment. Wahoo told me to take it back to MEC to swap for a new one, but they haven’t had stock in months and are now closed.

I took off the belt yesterday with the plan of balancing the flywheel with some counterweights, but it actually seemed really well balanced. The larger circumference wheel (not sure what that’s called) didn’t seem to be as balanced or smooth. I had the skewers on very tight in the past and is it possible I damaged the bearings or something in there?

I tried removing the 14mm bolt, knocking the key in a bit further, then putting some loctite on and properly torquing, but no help there either.

Any other ideas? Local bike club is replacing some events with Zwift races/rides and it’d be nice to participate. It would be nice if I could increase the baseline resistance and ride in the small ring, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be an option.

Foam blocks under the feet help. (The Kickr’s, not yours :wink:).
I chopped up a cheap foam yoga block and used it under mine. It works pretty well and had the added benefit of acting similar to a rocker plate.

I’m not sure how violently your unit shakes, but mine is more like a jet taking off if you really spin it up. The flywheel balancing and bearings are the cause in my case.
You just have to use a lower gear if you want to keep the noise down.

IME every trainer will pass vibrations through the floor. Even my Neo2 does it if you spin it up.

I’m already on four layers of foam. Same story here, sounds like a jet plane. My Tacx Vortex didn’t shake like this. Can’t use a lower gear outside of ERG unfortunately, impossible to push any decent watts on the small ring.

The Vortex doesn’t really have a flywheel like the Core so you’ll never get the same feeling. I’ve got an Elite Qubo Powerfluid as a backup that’s pretty quiet if you use a tyre without much of a tread pattern.

I remember a few people taking the time to properly balance the flywheel and posting about it online. If you can’t return it now, or ride in lower gears, I’d be going down that path until you can get a refund.
In the past I’ve used Blu Tack to balance fans before using something more permanent.

I’m guessing you’re using it for something like Zwift in sim mode when it gives you grief? I can see how it’s hard to stay in a low gear in that instance.

I used tape and coins to balance the flywheel and other wheel, but they didn’t need much at all. Zwift in sim mode is the issue. Still getting my Trainer Road rides in at least! Very quiet doing those in ERG mode.