Upgrade Kickr v1 (2012) to Core: worth buying (ten years time for upgrade)?

I have had the same kickr v1 since 2014 and it continues to serve me well. That said it’s loud and has begun emitting a high-pitched squeak, which isn’t a lot of fun to listen to for several hours a week.

As I try to troubleshoot l noticed REI has the core on sale for $479, which seemed like a great price.

As I’m in year ten w the kickr at this point does it just make sense to buy a new device (+ cassette)?

Try belt dressing first (to confirm that will fix it, spray a very light mist of very slightly soapy water on the belt and see if it quietens it). Definitely cheaper if so, more like $10!

Just fixed one with a similar issue - swapped the bearings first but they were not the major culprit in the end


I had a Kickr17 that was not compatible with my new Madone. The shop I bought the Madone from threw in a free Kickr Core to sweeten the deal. I honestly can’t really tell a difference in ride feel from the Kickr 17 to the Core. The new ones are dead silent which is nice. I don’t think you will find them much cheaper than 479 and you could just take the cassette from the old Kickr and put it on the Core.

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As dcrainmaker writes ” The KICKR CORE is essentially just an earlier version of the full-blown KICKR on a different leg stand.”

Notable Core gains are:

  • 3x Bluetooth channels
  • silent belt drive
  • native thru axle support and disc clearance

Thanks - if you don’t mind can you tell me specifically what you used and where you applied it (presume right on the belt and around the gap?


Sprayed all over tbh, but aimed at the ridges of the belt around the pulley/tensioner after taking off the plastic cover.

Thx - so it seems even without my current issues w v1 it is arguable it may be time to upgrade from v1 to at least the core.

I wasn’t looking to change from my 2016 but the constant drop outs from living in a crowded area were driving me insane, and they were interupting my training.

I went for the V6 with the wifi. It’s nice that it very rarely drops signal (Only did it when there was a storm outside so possibly my wifi). The new feet are very nice and it’s so so so much quieter/feels smoother than the 2016.

If it’s starting to fail, I’d probably change it so you’re not left ‘stranded’ if your current one fails.

I had a v1 Kickr and upgraded to the Core about two years ago, and I am very happy with the upgrade. It is worth it for the quiet belt if nothing else, but having the thru-axle flexibility is also a big plus. My v1 Kickr is still going (my wife uses it), but the Core is worth it IMO, especially when it is on sale.

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Alright, sold! Ordered one at REI for $479. Seemed like too good of a deal. Will at worst hold on to it for a bit as I try to troubleshoot the OG or find it a home on ebay…