Wahoo kickr core and rain (or water)

Anyone has experienced any issue with using the Kickr Core “outside” while it’s raining? I’ll explain better…
I live in Brazil so temperature and rainfall are rising as we get closer to the summer. I typically set up the bike and trainer (wahoo kickr core) outside in a covered area but not completely surrounded by walls, kinda like a balcony. This way I get some breeze (7pm the temp is around 32C or 90F) in addition to the fan. The problem is that last night it was raining, so some drops/droplets could make their way into the Kickr Core. My concern is obviously any damage to the electric part of the trainer. It could also happen that the weather is fine but things change and it starts raining 30 mins into my workout. Anyone riding “indoors but outside” or with a similar setup?
I set up everything inside last night but it was way too warm, even with 2 fans and the AC on I still got pools of sweat on the floor (the wife was really happy about that). This doesn’t happen on the outside setup.
Note we have a smart TV on the outside area, it’s at a higher elevation than where the trainer would be but it has seen rain and wind for years and it’s still working fine.

Trainers are used to get at least some drops of sweat but at least use a cover when you are not on it outside.

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Was thinking the same. I’d find a decent cover for the whole setup, something like a grill cover that’s weather resistant and won’t be blown off. I would think it would also help prevent some of the morning and evening condensation that can happen, too, which might be a bigger issue than rain.

Something like this is what I mean:

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Thanks for the replies. I store the trainer indoors, this is specific to when is raining and I’m using it. I guess if the rain is not too bad then it should be or…