Spindown never completes


I’ve found a few discussions about issues with spindowns on a wahoo kickr core via the trainerroad desktop app, but I’m not sure if it’s the exact same issue I’m having, or what the solution is.

Basically I can start the spindown, the tick comes up when I get up to speed, but then when the speed gets down to 0 it still says “stop pedalling coast and let your speed drop to 0” and there’s no confirmation that the spindown has been successful. I’ve tried using the wahoo app instead but that’s bad in a different way. Has anyone come across a solution to this?

I just did a ramp test and I’m hoping I can blame the failed spindown on the poor result - apparently my FTP has gone down rather than up despite lots of riding over the past few months, and feeling generally fitter.

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I went down this rabbit hole. Don’t use TR for the calibration. Use the Wahoo app. Spent countless hours with tech support trying to work out the glitch. Sorry about the less than desirable result.

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Thanks for replying. I get a different issue with the wahoo app - after about two pedal strokes it says the spindown is complete, which can’t possibly be right as I’ve got nowhere near the target speed and not coasted down to 0!

I’ve had all of these issues. Turn everything off on all devices. Make sure nothing is connected to anything. Then load the wahoo app. do spindown. if it doesn’t work unplug trainer. wait 20 sec, try again. reboot phone, make sure app is up to date. Hope that helps.

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Set mode to resistance or standard