Wahoo Elemnt Roam not saving Di2 data

So this is a bit of an odd one.

My Wahoo Elemnt Roam connects to my Di2 (12sp) system fine, and visually displays the gear selection on the unit. However, after the ride, no gear selection data is available in the app, and uploading the fit files to either the AXS app or Di2stats shows no gear data is present.

What is especially odd is when I’ve used Di2 with this same head unit before, gear data was displayed, which leads me to think that this is an update gone wrong, either at Wahoo’s end or at Shimano’s.

The same head unit will also display and save AXS data without issue.

I’ve filed a ticket with Wahoo support, but wondered if anyone else had had this problem. If so, did you solve it, and (again) if so, how? Thanks.

An update if anyone is interested: this is a known bug, and Wahoo are working on it. There is no public time for resolution. Annoying. I’ve also had more issues with the Roam today… separate thread coming up.

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