Wahoo Elemnt (+Bolt/Roam) Di2 Current Gear Display missing since latest firmware update

I’m having the same issue since updating to the latest firmware yesterday as well on my standard elemnt (not the bolt). I’ve tested on 2 bikes and both connect to the head unit and I can still control the head unit from the top buttons etc, just no gear selection showing, either numeric or visual. Even tried forgetting the connection and pairing again but no joy.

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Excellent - that’s looking good for it being a Wahoo-created firmware problem, not my/our setups. Thanks for the quick feedback.

I’ll hopefully raise a support ticket tomorrow.

Anyone else seeing this on the new firmware?

Thank you as well for posting. I’ve been searching most of the day to see if anyone else is having the problem, and as you say with two of us having the same issue it is definitely pointing to it being a wahoo problem

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I’ve had two issues in the past year with them breaking functionality I use in a firmware update. It’s becoming a bit of a pattern with their lack of QA, but I do recommend opening a support ticket - both times I’ve done this I’ve had a good outcome very quickly.

In the first case, it was specific to P1 pedals and they had to enable diagnostics on my device to get logs and then it was fixed within a few days.

In the second case it was a more common issue others had probably already complained about, and that was fixed in the next firmware update a few days later.

I’m not sure how many people use DI2 gear indication, so it’s definitely worth raising a ticket to let them know.

I have also had an issue that was introduced by a firmware update: my heart rate strap, a Wahoo Tickr, no longer connects to my Bolt via Ant+, which is annoying because I no longer have my heart rate on my iPad and my Bolt while on the trainer. Plus, sometimes my phone grabs the Bluetooth connection first and I need to disable its Bluetooth.

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I have the same problem on my Wahoo roam after latest firmware update

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Yes same problem with my Roam, mine was complicated because it was the first time I had used it, as my Roam is a warranty replacement. P.s. the problem is not a connection issue because the hood buttons still work and you can see battery level displayed.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve now filed a Wahoo support ticket and would encourage others to do the same.

I’ve had good experience with Wahoo support previously: last year a firmware update broke the Element’s off-route alerting, making it over-sensitive. I filed a report, Wahoo enabled logging on my Bolt to gather the data they needed, and a few weeks later they rolled out a fix. :+1:

I’d encourage anyone else seeing this issue to file a ticket here - the more the merrier! - only takes a few minutes:

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I can second that, the support is very responsive and has been very knowledgable in my experience. They identified the problem and told me that while my bug isn’t their top priority, it’s on their list to be implemented later. That honesty was refreshing.

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Strangely, I’ve just done a factory reset, didn’t know whether it would wind back the firmware or not, it didn’t firmware still the latest, WR18 - 8214 for the Roam. However, then I reconnected to my DI2 and guess what the gear selection now displays correctly.

Just got to rebuild my pages and good to go!

That didn’t work for me. NB tip for anyone else trying this, ensure you take screenshots in the app of various settings pages to make it quicker to configure the rest Element how you like it, and you’ll need to repair everything.

Had a rapid reply from Wahoo Support:

“Thank you for letting us know about your experience. This is an issue we are aware of and we have opened an internal ticket with our development team to investigate and resolve the problem.”

So they’re already on it. Top support from Wahoo :+1: - (prospective) customers notice this sort of thing and it affects purchasing decisions!

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Same here on a Wahoo
Firmware: WR18-8214
(Updated - 18 August, 2020)

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Same problem here. Picked up the latest Wahoo update last night and today-poof! No gear section display. Thanks for the update. I’ll watch this post for any resolution from Wahoo.

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I have just installed D-fly & connected Di2 to my Elemnt Roam. I can change screens with my shifters & have the gear display field, however no gear selection is showing.

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Same problem
But only in semi shift or multi shift mode (S1 and S2-Mode)
In Manual Mode is working (M-Mode)

Same problem here. I’ve also opened a ticket, waiting for a response.

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I am having the same problem, first I thought my D-fly unit was broken, contacted Wahoo and they let me do the standard stuff, unpair/repair but nothing changed. Second time I contacted them they said they were aware of the problem and a ticket was raised for their developers. I think the developers don’t read tickets, it has been broken for 5 days now and still no solution. At each firmware update they break something… I think they have never heard of beta testing before releasing new firmware. :frowning:


Sorry if I mislead anyone with my post of the 21st, just discovered it wasn’t the factory reset that got it working, I had without realising put my Di2 into manual mode, as Lw71 has pointed out the display works fine in manual mode just sync modes S1 and S2 where it doesn’t work. Easy to confirm just turn to manual control and the display works fine, turn it back to S1 and the gear position is there (not blank) but doesn’t change.

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Thanks for clarifying. :+1:

I spent hours yesterday swapping sensors between mine and my friends bike, it would work on his Wahoo but not mine. Now reading this its evident that he must not have updated his firmware :frowning: I can also confirm that factory reset didn’t work, and like someone else said taking screenshots of the display pages really helped.
Have submitted a ticket to Wahoo this morning, but surely its an easy fix by rolling back the firmware to a previous version until a proper fix can be found ???