Wahoo Elemnt Bolt disconnect (Favero Assioma and Garmin Varia)

Hi All, first post on here :slight_smile:

Ride tonight saw the Bolt disconnect simultaneously from both the Faveros and Varia. Got the “Radar disconnected” message and the power value frozen at the last known value. It self-resolved after about a minute or so. Going into the head unit’s settings, I was able to confirm that there was no connection to either of these devices. This happened three times this evening on a 2 hour ride and the issue generally started happening with the Faveros about a week or two ago. Previously, the Varia only would disconnect intermittently (at least I may not have noticed the power dropping out!)

Hope nobody else has experienced this of course, but if you have, and have any kind of solution would love to hear back!

I was searching various posts on the internet for the exact problem: Varia and Assioma connected to Wahoo Roam and simultaneously disconnecting. They typically reconnect within 2 minutes and I find that this happens 1-3 times in a 2 hour ride, usually in the first 10 mins then they remain connected. I have not received any useful advice from Wahoo yet and would appreciate any suggestions.