W/kg Myths, Specialty Training, Ultra-Endurance, and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 364

That makes sense. Agreed. Love to hear her and the rest of the crew. I had to bail on this episode. Couldn’t do the keyboard noise.

Maybe have someone else answer questions in the chat.

Sorry for the keyboard noise, y’all. I’m making hardware changes to make sure this doesn’t happen again.


We are a picky bunch, aren’t we? :rofl:

I can’t believe we have to occassionaly listen to a slightly distracting noise while being provided with free, excellent cycling information on a weekly basis!!



Did I miss the discussion on Gears with Chad? A gravel race/ride in Spokane would be on my short list for 2023


Yep. Totally. And leave it to me to be the first to complain.

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Someone was bashing a keyboard again, mm, i wonder who

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Right? Shut up and take my money! I’d be there in a heartbeat


No, it’s pretty bad. My headphones make it sound like like someone is trying to drown speaking with a drum

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Despite the keyboard drummers, this was a good podcast. Gears with Chad sounds like a fun event.

I found the description of Specialty and cycles of training, do not match my experience. Not with the TR plans specifically, but as a general theme. That is, one does not simply enjoy cycling through base-build-speciality and being rewarded with gains at each cycle. First few cycles, yes, but after several years no.

I’m curious if Chad + Team would address two things in a future podcast:

  1. How many cycles of base-build-specialty does TR typically see before a plateau?


  1. What options are there when you plateau (within TR training system preferably)?



It was a good podcasts. And the drummers where also good. Just tough to listen to with headphones or my Special Limited addition Bentley (pinto).

My first time hearing it. Podcast with a little drummer boy in the background. Good times. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how it works for podcasts but I use the app Krisp.ai during Zoom, Teams, etc. meetings to block outside noises. You train it to your voice and crying babies and barking dogs (and keyboard typing) should be filtered out from your mic.


Nat was discussing outdoor rides and the different TSS and he said you can load the time and required TSS into TR and it will show the rides available. Where would you find this option?

On the website you can sort by TSS, and search by duration (over 2:30 anyway). I don’t know how to search by TSS though sorry.


I’m 100% in on doing a Gears for Chad race. Would volunteer time pre-race as well to help out.

Have ben living and riding in the area for 7+ years. The Spokane area is definitely a hidden gem for riding (gravel, road, and mtb).



I think it would sell out fast. Stetina’s Paydirt and The Last Best Ride both sold out their inaugural races. Gravel’s really blowing up. Great opportunity for TR.


If you do more to build out the W/kg calculator, consider adding an elevation correction to normalize. I live at 7.2k’ ft as an example…so my sea-level adjusted FTP would probably be higher than it currently measures. Would be good to normalize the data for gender/age/elevation.


This is where it gets tricky. Nate said it’s easy, but if you take into account elevation, climate, etc., it could get tricky.

Hi @Jonathan - I just wanted to mention that the notes in the OP still state

I point this out because you moved kind of quickly over something that I think is very helpful. You said there is an article on how to do this that you were going to include in the notes.

For the rider who asked about having a plan to do 50TSS and instead doing 100TSS, it’s super helpful to add TSS and IF to your Garmin screens. I actually never did this before, but in a podcast around Christmas, you were talking about the ideal IF for long distance rides, and ensuring you monitor that so that you don’t blow up. This was fantastic advice. I added them, and as a result, I can now look at my TR goal, see that it says “ride for 90 minutes doing X, Y, and Z, with a goal to finish with .7 IF and an accumulated 80 TSS” and then go out and have a MUCH more accurate way to know if I’m going too hard or not hard enough.

Thanks for the fantastic advice! This is just a reminder to add that link.

Great questions! We’ll address these during the next episode. :slight_smile: