VYNL Bikes - any advice?

Hi everyone!

I am considering to change bike and build myself a custom crit/short flat races bike.

I just can’t stand that I can’t customize most of the commercialy available bikes (in terms of gears, handlebars, stem, etc…), Unless I buy extra new components.

I am looking at VYNL bike, the road rim frame. I would then use my Enve 7.8 tubular and complete it with a 1x force AXS + either Easton or black inc cockpit.

I currently have a 2018 TCR advanced pro 1 rim brake, and I have ridden ALU bikes in the past.

Any advice on how the VYNL frame is?

Do you like the ride or not? Why?

I live in a VERY FLAT area. Within a few hours drive the biggest hill is a overpass (or a car garage). I mostly do races on Zwift/Similar platforms and flat Crits.

If everything goes as planned I am thinking to get a Giant TCX as all rounder (it is an aggressive CX bike with room for bigger tires).

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Never heard of VYNL bikes. Are they owned by Wahoo?

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They are the bikes ridden by cliff bar racing.

I’m on the process of doing similar. Currently riding a 2018 TCR disc and have parts coming in to build up a kinesis Aithein aluminum race bike.

Those Vnyl frames seem pricey for what you get and I’ve heard they ride quite harshly. The Bowman palace is another option for a good bit less money

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