Terrain type, Outside Workout 60/30 V02's

Hello everyone, been on TR for about 5 years now, usually stop structured training and “just ride” over the summer. This year Im keeping it going with outdoor workouts for the first time.

Last week the V02’s were 50 sec on 50 sec off. I went to a local wall that put me at the perfect 125% power output. The timing was perfect to go up and down x 1000.

This week Ive got 60 sec on, 30 sec off. What sort of terrain should I pick? Slight incline? Flat? Steep for repeats? I feel like I can’t quite get turned around twice in 30 seconds.

Workout is Bashful +1

It’s going to depend on the terrain you have available but if that workout was on my calendar, I would go down to Fiesta Island, which is a flat loop with no stop signs, and just follow my Garmin’s instructions for the intervals. I can also think of a small hill that’s about a 60sec climb in either direction, meaning you could do 60sec up, then light pedal down the backside, turn around and do the same in reverse. This way, you only have 1 u-turn per interval, not 2.

Killer tips, hadn’t thought of going up and down both sides of the same hill. Seems obvious now. Strava should help me find a good one.

Next step will be a mental search for a right turn flatish loop.


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Wherever you don’t need to turn around.