Power Profile Test - Impact on Adaptive Training [Resolved ✅]

UPDATE: Just realized this workout will impact Anaerobic PL, not VO2 Max, so should not cause problems with the upcoming training plan. Never mind.

I’m nearing the start of my next training block (SSB2) and am considering doing the “H.A. & A.C. Power Profile Test” in place of the Ramp Test. I intend to accept whatever FTP the TR AI suggests and would like to update my 90-day PD curve.

My concern is that completion would bump my VO2 max progression level to 10.9. While I suppose that would be technically correct, I’m not sure I really can complete most level 10 VO2 max workouts, and doubt doing so would really be appropriate for base phase training.

FWIW I’ve done that workout before (pre-AT) and while tough, it’s not as hard to complete as much lower progression VO2 max workouts are.


Glad to see you’re all sorted! Your Progression Levels and survey responses are looking stellar, I’m stoked to see Adaptive Training keep you on the right track and keep giving you challenging workouts that are within your reach! ACES!
Keep up the good work. I’m going to mark this as ‘Resolved :white_check_mark:’, but let me know if anything else comes up that we can help with.

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Hi, Ivy -

I completed the Allen/Coggan profile test today, but the workout behaved oddly. I wonder if you can see anything from your end to tell whether it was the workout, the app (iPhone), my tacx trainer, or something else.

The first 1-minute interval worked as expected, but the 5-minute seemed like it stayed in erg mode. I was in my highest gear and 110 rpm (!) but couldn’t even get up to “target” watts much less all out. The 2nd 1-minute started OK but then the power dropped there too without a gear change or slowed cadence. The 15-second intervals seemed ok but at 15 seconds they are a bit short to really know.

Thanks for any info you can provide, and please me know if I should submit a new ticket rather than ask via this reply.


Hey, Bill! Looking into this now for you. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks. FWIW I didn’t realize replying to the email resulted in posting to the forum - looks like I didn’t read it closely enough.

That said - I’m fine continuing this way or switching to email, whichever is your preference.

Based on the workout’s history it looks like only a few of us have used it, so there’s not much risk of this topic blowing up!

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No problem, I’ll follow up via DM. :slight_smile: