Visible threads showing outside BB CAAD 13 is this normal?

Had my guy assemble a new CAAD 13 frame.

Is this normal, these visible threads showing outside the bb shell?

The crank came off a CAAD 10. I bought the requisite 2.5mm spacer for bb30a. Also had him put in a new spindle and lockring as part of a crank creak rehab.

Pretty sure that BB30a is a press-fit BB, there shouldn’t be any threads anywhere. You might find a thread-together BB but the threads will be hidden away inside the shell.

Only other thing I can think of is that the threads of part of the bearing preload adjuster, but I don’t know how SI cranks fit together and if they have a threaded preloader.

I know at first I thought weird, there are threads exposed then thought hey why are there threads at all?

I can’t tell what all is shoved into that bottom bracket shell right now, but that doesn’t look right.

The BB of the CAAD 13 is BB30 (as is the CAAD 10):

Not sure why you mention BB30a in your post, but if the crankset is BB30a that could explain the exposed part. BB30a means that the bike frame is 5mm wider at the BB on the non drive side. So if your frame is BB30 and the crankset is BB30a that means the spindle is 5mm too long.

If it can be made fit with spacers, I would expect you would need 5mm of spacers, not 2.5?


Looks like it is supposed to be BB30a according to your link.

Something looks off in the OP’s photo. Do you know what BB they used @ cinzanoframepump

That looks like a stack of spacers to me, not threads.


Ah right. The frame of the CAAD 13 is a BB30a and that fits a regular BB30 bottom bracket.

But the CAAD 10 has a BB30 frame, I know because I owned one, so then I don’t get how the crank of the CAAD10 could have been used here?

agree with Quadzilla_Jr, I don’t think those threads, but a stack of spacers

According to (have never steered me wrong)

You need only purchase this spacer to make your current crankset fit the BB30A frame shell.

Gotcha. Was reading a bit more about it. So it seems that you need to remove some spacers from the original BB30 crank and replace them with this short 2.5 mm spacer in order to get the additional 5mm reach that is needed for the BB30a frame.

Anyway in the picture it seems like the spacers were put on the non drive side, while the 2.5mm should go on the drive side?

That’s spacers and the crank appears to be installed wrong.

Proper installation is here, page 14 has a great expanded view to look at


Thank you thank you

to close the loop, a shop that does a ton of cannondale work/sales took it apart and put it back together. Too many crush washers, and it looks like it should now. Thanks to all who took the time to reply

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I had just packed up my CAAD13 when this thread started, so I couldn’t chime in. UPS was them kind enough to lose the bike for 9 days and I just got it back yesterday.

Anyway, I just went and looked at my BB and it is the exact same as yours with a few threads extending from the shell.

So it appears to be correct…I wouldn’t sweat it at this point.

I cannot imagine it wasn’t designed to be flush when installed correctly based on this note in the instructions.

NOTE: Up to 5 of the .5mm shims can be
used. The total number of shims depends
on the compression state of the wave washer
with the crankarm installed and tightened
to the recommended torque. The wave
washer should appear “compressed but not