Cannondale CAAD12 Bottom Bracket Replacement Recommendation (BB30A)

Need to replace my bottom bracket bearings on my CAAD, wondering what the best replacement is for these? Was previously looking at the BB Infinite ones that convert to a full sleeve but apparently they dont work with Di2.

Had also been looking at C-Bear:|Cannondale - Cannondale Hollowgram
Not sure if anyone has feedback on how they run?

What are folks suggesting for best replacement? Go with standard bearings or is there a better alternative now available that also works for di2?

I’ve used the Wheels Manufacturing ones, been pretty problem free not sure about working with Di2. There’s also Hawks Racing not used them but they also a have piece on ceramic bearings.

I used the wheels MFG one on my 2018 supersix evo hi mod and it was great, I even had to use a weird BB right + spacers workaround before they made a dedicate bb30a BB. What’s the issue with the DI2 wires for the CAAD 12? On the SuperSix you could just route them around the internal BB shell no problem.

I have the BB infinite on my mechanical CAAD12 and it solved my annoying BB30 Issues. I assume you could easily route the di2 wire under the BB just like a mechanical cable? There is a plastic cable router piece directly under the BB shell.


This was my working assumption as well, but based on the online chat I had with them they said it wouldn’t work. Not sure if this is because di2 cables are slightly different diameter to a brake/deraileur wire or what?
The CAAD has a di2 “port” part way up the seat stay right beside where the front mech mounts, means you dont need to go under the bb and back up, so not sure if that is the issue? The mechanical goes all the way down, under the bb through a special slot and then comes up near the chainstay much lower down on the frame.

Was this for Wheels MFG BB or something else?

Unofficially they might not support that option although I don’t see how it’s not possible with a little work. Another option is to grind a slot into the BB infinite shell. I’ve had mine for about 6 years so I can’t recall how tight everything was when I put it together.


Unfortunately I don’t have that BB anymore (I do have the frame), but looking at videos, the actual BB area of the SuperSix is “bigger” than the CAAD, so that might be why it’s not “officially” supported. I was saying that I had plenty of room to run the cables over/under the BB shell that the screw together Wheels MFG BB creates. Is the issue that the metal sleeve created by the screw together BB doesn’t allow for any room for the rear derailleur di2 cable to run into the chainstay? Looking at @Majoeric’s photo, it looks like there should be space, and I saw this part that would replace the mechanical cable guide.

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Honestly without the BB in hand it is hard to tell the tolerances between BB shell and the frame itself. What you are seeing in the photo posted is the lower routing below the BB for the mechnical routing which then runs up the outside of the frame. Di2 stays inside and goes partially back up the seat stay before exiting near the FD mount point.

Using terrible paint skills here, but I’m assuming the for the DI2 port is roughly where the red arrow is? Could you route the cables this way for it to work? The Wheels MFG BB has a pretty narrow center cross section so I’d imagine you could route front over the top, rear under the bottom (front red line, rear green line). Should leave plenty of room to jam the junction box up the downtube if you’re on 11 speed, and no junction box to worry about if you’re on 12, and plenty of room for the battery line too. However, you did mention hollowgram earlier and I don’t think Wheels MFG makes a bb30a bottom bracket for that standard. So I’d say look for a thread together/once piece BB that has a narrower center section, or reach out to cbear/other manufacturers to see if they have any insight. I’m sure you wouldn’t be the first to ask.

I think you really can’t go wrong with any of the thread together/one piece BBs though, so I hope you can find a solution that works for you.

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Oh I just remembered, make sure when you buy that you actually get the “right” bb30a BB, for some reason Cannondale made it even more confusing because the Supersix and the CAAD used bb30a, but one was “PF30a” and one was “BB30a”. Classic Cannondale confusion.