SRAM Force 22 & PF30 BB Questions

I have a SRAM Force 22 chainring/crankarm on a PF30 BB (2018 Allez Sprint).

  1. It’s making massive creaking noise when I’m off the saddle or putting down power. What’s the best way to solve this? Do I really neeed to remove the BB and re-grease?

  2. The bike came with a plastic spacer L & R on the spindle. It’s ugly. Is there an option with PF30 BB with extended spacer to fix this?


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I didn’t look at the bike at first, are you sure its a Press Fit and not threaded?

Thanks Teddy! I “think” they are pressfit. I may be wrong. I do see bearing inside the frame. Perhaps it’s BB30?

If it’s BB30 with Force 22 spindle. Will the BBInfitie still work?

Edit: It looks like Force 22 spindle is a TruVativ GXP so I need something like this?

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Check the chainring bolts to be sure that’s not the source of your creak.

I’ve tightened those when I was cleaning/re-greasing. So I don’t think it is. It’s loud enough I can hear it from the bottom bracket. It’s more pronounce when I’m off the saddle with my weight on the crank.

If it is a GXP spindle then the link you provided looks correct.

My quick research showed that bike to have a BB30 bottom bracket

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@teddygram Do you know if below Praxie will work?


It gets confusing during this time with specialized frames. They called everything OSBB but the aluminum frames are just BB30.

The carbon frames had adhered cups in the bb and had what we will call difficulties.

The Praxis bb is a great solution for the carbon frames that had some cup misalignment and the collet allowed for better clearance suck and bb stability.

I think and in my opinion that the bb infinite is a better choice.

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If it is the factory crankset, I’d be very surprised if its not Force BB30 with a 30mm spindle. Before the advent of DUB, SRAM road cranksets were available as GXP or BB30. Double-check which you have before you buy that BB.

This is the Force 22 crankset with (Praxie?) chainring. How to tell if this is a 24mm, 30mm or GXP?

Use loctite 609 instead of grease

Looks like thats BB30. GXP has a big empty hole on the drive side where the axle is permanently attached, and you disassemble it by unscrewing the non drive side crank.




Thanks Nick!!

All - I took a picture of the crank that I took it off. it’s 30mm spindle. The length in red is is about 3.5 inches (~88.9mm) and blue is 4 inches 101.6mm. I’m guessing the total length is 4.5 inches (114mm).

Is this still the correct BB from BBinifite?

I think you need this

BUT, I would email BBI, they have phenomenal customer service and will get you the right product.