Rotor Crankset on BB30A

I’m looking to upgrade the praxis crankset on my CAAD13 and being BB30a it seems quite limited (unless I buy the adapters). I did however learn that ROTOR cranksets like the 3d+ will fit and confirmed that with Rotor themselves.

I’m curious if anyone here is currently using a Rotor crankset on a BB30a and how you dealt with spacers. Pictures would also be much appreciated!

I don’t have any photos to show you, but I have done this. You need 6.5mm of spacers on the NDS and 12mm on the DS. You will run into issues with rotor cranks on any Cannondale frame that uses Ai-offset wheels, but fortunately you’re safe on the road side of things.


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I use a Power2max with Rotor crank on a Cannondale Caad 12. I have made some spacers and it works fine.