Virtual bike fit help

Is there anyone who does virtual fits or could help diagnose fit issues?

Thanks in advance.

We have a dedicated thread for help like this.

Post in there and give as much info as you can to get started. :smiley:

The Bike Fitting Mega-Thread


I had a fantastic experience with Dave Luscan from Finding Freestyle based in Richmond, google and you’ll find his site.

He did mine online, couple small tweaks, helped me source a couple things to minimize costs of adjusting the fit.

Dave is a great fitter fir Tri bikes…not certain about road bikes (not casting doubt, just don’t know).

But there is a lot of really good advice available for free by simply posting here or on other forums. A good starting point and you can always pay someone later if you still can’t get sorted.

You know what, you’re totally right.

99% of the people I tend to be in contact with looking for bike fit advice in the past has been for a tt / tri fit so it’s been my go to recommendation, I hadn’t even stopped to think hmm, is it a road fit, mtb fit, tt fit etc.

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Check out Phil Burt:
He’s the ex British Cycling and Team Sky Physio/Bike fit guru.

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