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Hi Guys,

Was recently borrowing a TT bike for a few TT’s before purchasing my own. I’ve downsized from a medium to a small on the Canyon Speedmax and looking for some advice regarding the fit. I’ve tried to replicate the orginal bike which you can see in the first two photos on my new one (last three). Feel a bit like I’m scrunching up on the new bike though compared to my previous position but my pads are as far out as they’ll go. Will be getting a bike fit but availabilty isn’t great at the moment. Any feedback welcome.

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I wouldn’t advise getting any bike fit advice from static photos, let alone ones that aren’t framed with that intention. Not least because having an aerodynamic position is one thing, and having a FAST position may be very different.

You may, however, find some useful suggestions for fitting a bike by “feel” in this topic:

Thanks will take a look at this thread.

Aware photos aren’t a substitute for a proper bike fit, just looking for any advice until I can get one sorted out in the next few months.

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A bit confused as to which pictures are which, but I think the old bike is with the white t-shirt / shorts and the new bike is w/ the red / white / blue skinsuit?

What was behind the move from the Med to the small frame?

First two pictures are the old bike which is a 56cm and the last three are the new 54cm frame. Reason for downsizing is that I’ve been fitted on my road bike to be a 54cm with retul and Canyon site advised a 54cm as well.

OK, got the pics straight now.

Not surprised you are feeling scrunched up, because it definitely looks like you are. I am a big advocate of getting your elbows out further rather than being inline with your shoulders. IME, vertical upper arms leads to high shoulders and high head position.

The pic with you in the all black skinsuit isn’t bad, but if I had to guess, I would say that you were consciously working to get your head low in that pic while the last pic is more representative of what your normal position is.

I’m not familiar with the details of the Speedmax front end, but know it is integrated to some degree. Can you get a longer stem since your pads are maxed out now?

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Yeah should be able to get a longer stem in there if required, probably won’t be as clean but can live with it I’m sure. Yeah pic in black is my best attempt to get my head in, the last pic is coming off a roundabout so maybe a little higher than usual.