Viewing outside workouts graphically like inside workouts

I am being 100% finicky here, I know. I do 98% of my workouts outside, and I find it frustrating that if I want to view how the workout is going to look (in the android mobile app) I have to switch it to an indoor ride to achieve this.
ALSO…(I told you, I’m finnicky)
As it sits right now, I cannot look at an alternate workout if my scheduled workout is designated for outside. I have to switch it to indoor, find and alternate, change it to outside, and save it. Seems like there has to be a better way.

Signed, First World Problems


Its been raised tons of times this is the feature request thread if you want to add to it Visualization for Outdoor / Outside Workouts (Preview Graph) - TrainerRoad Software - TrainerRoad

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First World Problems! :joy:
Thanks for the suggestions! Both of these are great ideas and are on our roadmap. Hang tight!

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