Viewing kJ (kilojoule) count during a TR workout

Hi there -

When riding outside I’m always watching the total kJs I’ve used on a ride as it helps me make sure I’m eating enough. Is there any way to see this while doing TR workouts?


Yes, if you are on mobile. Swipe the “zoomed” interval (in the middle of the scree) to the left, and you will see more stats.

  • Notice the little gray and white circles under the ‘0’ for “Interval HR”. Those indicate if you are seeing the “Left-Interval” view or the “Right-stats” view from the swipe operation.

What about if using the desktop app? I never use the mobile app for workouts unfortunately. I might start running my garmin concurrently and just not save that ride… but I’ll at least get access to extra metrics during my workout.

I am not aware of a way to access that via PC or Mac, sorry :frowning:

Maybe @Ian can confirm or share a path to that info on those platforms?

Sadly, this feature exists only on the Mobile Apps at this time :pensive:

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