Ventilatory Threshold 1

As I mentioned I started to use my Garmin to log my TR rides. I didn’t bother in the first few months of my 530 experience until I noticed that some of the ‘First Beat’ stuff wasn’t getting logged and was fairly useful stuff. Anyway long story short. I noticed it tracks your breathing rates… Soooooo:

I just had a thought and looked at my last ramp test, the only one I have with the full Garmin dataset. I sort of figured from experience that my VT1 lay around about 125 to 130 BMP on HR. Et voila @ 131 bpm in at 9:54 through the test we are off… Neat eh? Caveat Emptor for sure but this just gave me a bit of a Geek moment there.

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According to this study, ventilatory threshold is well below the breakpoint in respiratory frequency.

However, according to this study it is clearly above?

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Ah nuts… Ah well

What’s kinda interesting is that my HR plateaus at 131 then there is a step change in the rate. Then back up it goes… That kick up is more or less at the end of my z2 (ish) border step.