Respiratory rate during exercise

Anyone look at respiratory rate? The updated Alpha1 data field now gives respiratory rate based on HRV:

Based on some of Seiler’s interviews this year it seems like this is a metric he’s been looking into lately

Rarely, had it for 3 years now on my Garmin 530. Garmin Firstbeat analytics use HRV to estimate respiration rate:

its also available as a data field, and is shown in Garmin Connect for every ride… well, at least all the ones recorded with the 530 and a suitable HR strap.

I’ve had the 530 for 3 years and rarely look at it.

Wait, using HRV to determine respiratory rate? I can think of a far more accurate electronic-free way to determine respiratory rate :rofl:

The way they calculate it isn’t so accurate

So this data field should be much better

Yes, you’re already using a hr strap so no extras equipment. What other way would you like to use? Are you going to constantly count your breathing rate when pushing hard? :rofl:

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If you are interested in these things will plot Alpha1 and respiratory rate from alphaHRV.

thanks for the link, haven’t been to that site in awhile. What I got from the published study, linked early in that article, is:

“Interestingly, the RF curve closely mimics that of the rise in lactate seen with progressive increases in exercise intensity [1]. It also appears to be a good predictor for constant intensity time to exhaustion and a means of differentiating effort/perceived exertion over long time periods [6]. Additionally, RF appears to respond to exercise load change faster than HR or VO2, making this metric ideal for high intensity interval physiologic tracking [7].”

I understand what they are saying, but like lactate testing during exercise, seeing that in real-time as a Garmin field is unlikely to change my training. However if I became convinced that using lactate during exercise to set low intensity was important, I can see the value.

I think the real question is, how did you get alphahrv to actually connect to your heart rate monitor. I have tried many times and never gotten it to work.

Hr strap to edge paired over ble (not ant) strap paired to app over ant