Veloton - The Future of Virtual Racing, Riding and Training

You might have seen Veloton on Youtube and social media.

“Veloton combines the realism of video games with the intensity of serious training and helps you perform. Complete challenges and earn achievements in routes based on real life stages.”

The graphics and number of kms that are already in Beta are amazing.

There is another thread that kind of mentions it but I think it needs its own topic.

You currently need their bike or one of a limited number of trainers it works with.

Looks promising.

Anyone else in Beta or on the waiting list?

Veloton indoor cycling | Facebook


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Links for reference: (I removed a few since they got added in the OP)

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Yep on the waiting list! Would love to give it a try when I get the chance.

That being said I can’t remember which are the specific trainers supported. Not being on Facebook, is there a list somewhere?

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apparently Wahoo Kickr 2018 and Tacx Neo. Not sure if up to date


Thanks @Joelrivera looks like I will be in luck then having a Neo…if I ever get in :joy:


Looks cool and all…

but as a gamer, i know creating that amount of realism is not cheap…

The subscription will be high…
The system requirements will be high…
The energy use will be high…

Hope I am wrong tho…
Having an alternative to zwift seems like a good idea

Yes there is a more up to date list but can find it Atm.

VirtuPro is connected and working as the first smart bike

Wahoo Kickr 2018, 2020 v5 and Tacx Neo

They were looking at adding another main brand earlier in the year.

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Did you see the subscription question and answer?

"The Veloton Beta test phase will be for free.

The subscription model for Veloton will be released in the coming months but we can say that you will all be surprised in the pricing model"


I did not read it…
I would be willing to bet it will be zwift price + $5 (tax for realism)


They were (are?) marketing as a GAME. So Xbox, PS, console.

So maybe they will sell the app like a game ($40-$60)
and they charge a smaller subscription fee…
Maybe this will be like WoW (I think is 15 a for monthly and lower for longer times). But you will need to buy new DLC…

will see…

From the marketing I’ve seen and their long term plans I think they believe they can be a Zwift killer… well at least equal / slightly ahead.

That will depend how they can integrate their software with the hardware thats out there.

Currently only Ant+ and Windows 10 but bluetooth connection is being developed.

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The biggest challenge will be keeping the realism on cheaper devices…
Not everyone can afford a gaming pc or console…

I don’t care one lick about graphics. Give me NES level graphics with spirited racing and I’ll be a happy subscriber.


PC specs

"Windows 10 (64bit)

8Gb RAM (16Gb can be used but 8 is more than enough)

50Gb Free Hard drive Space

I5 Processor

Graphics Card Nvidia Medium range

We have already tested Veloton on an I3 and low end graphics and it works fine but we would suggest the details above for a better experience."

No graphic card in my i7 laptop but it is 11th Gen.

Not tried it one i7 8th gen or i3 5th or 6th gen.

Will do at some point and report back.

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There is your few Million dollars idea… LoFi cycling video game…
Maybe like Mario kart, where you get power ups as you go… :smiley:

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Interesting, that seems like much lower spec than RGT?


Just gotta replace the horses with bikes and we’re good to go!


I’ve been using RGT the last two weeks, got sick the load time and server lag of Zwift (plus updates always on a days I’m running late.)

Rgt and Veloton are similar, never realised how good some bits of RGT are until running it full bore on i7 11th gen… was always a bit glitchy on an i5 without a graphics card… but does work. Rgt works low def on an i3… not sure Veloton will.


You’ll love (or should trying to establish a break… if the Peloton see you as a threat they close you down quick… if you set to aggressive AI riders they counter attack.

Between training I need to try it a bit more, on a wahoo so far the resistance seems a bit extreme for a given grade.

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Already been done:![](upload://3tEncuwbfbUgyaJEDaJhHnO9oK1.jpeg)