Tour De France Game

I saw this being advertised today flicking quickly through a few youtube videos as a game it looks a bit meh but the amount of France that has been 3d rendered is incredible.

What chance of them partnering with a training company to make it rider controlled. Overall looks much better than RGT etc. Maybe the GTA hack GP lama showed last week could be used on this too?

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Already in process:

Anyone currently testing this?

I tried it last week but couldn’t pair a cadence sensor so could not use it.

Managed to take it for a spin today.

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Another screen shot…

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Looks fun. I think Zwift limitation is just having that many riders on course at the same time, I think if they made the graphics more realistic with several thousand people on at once our graphic cards would melt

Sure is a beautiful gfx engine and modeling. I really love the 1st Person view too, where you can see the hands on the bars. Something I wished for Z to offer years ago.

Great to see someone here with actual access. They seem to be slow-rolling this out over years, so I hope they can pick up the pace and get it out as an actual option against Z.

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