Velofix -- anyone use the service?

In the current lockdown climate, I’m considering hiring a mobile Velofix van to do the usual Spring tune-up etc. Torn, because in normal times I would just take it the shop where I bought the bike; they are open w/ distancing protocols, but it’s a travel.

Has anyone used Velofix? Reviews?


Like many things like this, I suspect that it is highly dependent on the franchisee personally. I haven’t had first hand experience but the local guy here gets consistently great reviews


In Ottawa,ON the 2 (3?) Velofix guys are great.
Well regarded with solid service and predictable scheduling.


We had them as a sponsor for a season, the one guy was incredible. He was a magician at sorting out wheels and getting a drivetrain running buttery smooth. Used one in LA…not so much.

In Nova Scotia, It is just one guy who operates the mobile bike shop(Blair). Really cool guy overall. Coming to your point, velofix’s prices are the same as your local bike shop (at least in Nova Scotia) so in your case, you can book an appointment with velofix instead of travelling to your LBS. It is better to call your local velofix and inform them what needs to be done on your bike. They seem to have most bike parts and sometimes smart trainers but it is better to let them know in advance.

Regarding social distancing, customers(in NS) weren’t allowed to enter the truck and the mechanic will wear gloves while working on the bike. Pretty sure the policy is the same in your area.

As others have said, with their model, it probably depends on the franchisee.

I haven’t used their service directly, but an event I was at used them as a mechanic and they were great.

Im in Vancouver, used it once last year and will be using it again this year. My mechanic was Alex and he did a great job. Probably pretty dependent on where you are though.

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