Recommendations for suspension service vendor

My fiancé’s X2 on her Transition Scout has developed the tell tale “whoosh” of cavitation in the damper and is out of warranty. Before I send it to Fox directly, are there any third party service centers that anyone can recommend?

I’m in the DFW area, but don’t mind shipping the shock either.

Check if any of your local shops do it. Any reason you dont want to go back to fox? I do my own seal services but send my forks back to them for major service. It’s always been reasonably priced and I try to send it in the off season, so wait times havnt ever really been bad.

I used Dirtlabs a few years back and wasn’t impressed. Seemed like they were really trying to upsell me on repairs that likely weren’t necessary. I had them do the damper service only and the shock has been fine since. A friend had a similarly not that impressive experience. I know their rep is pretty good but that is our n=2

I guess to add a little context - I purchased a used factory X2 off pinkbike with a plan to make that the primary shock for her bike and keep the performance X2 that came with it as a spare after Fox serviced it. Fox said they wouldn’t be able to get to the service until mid-February which was no big deal because I already had a different shock on her bike. Unfortunately the used X2 seems to be on its way to the same damper issue as the prior unit after only a few rides. As such I’d like to get the original repaired more quickly, so I can then send the “new to me” shock off for repair as well. Once they’re both serviced, the factory shock will be the primary and the performance unit will sit in the closet as backup for when the primary needs major service.

I think I’m going to send the performance shock to DirtLabs since they can get to it immediately and once its back, I’ll send the factory shock to Fox for rebuild.

no local bike shops?

I’ve used dirt labs in the past. They’re just down the road. Good people.

I’ve got a couple of good local shops, but I’m pretty sure they send suspension stuff out. I mean, I’m sure they could do a basic service (air can on rear shock or drop lowers on fork) but I’m comfortable doing those things myself. However when it comes to damper rebuilds and such, I’m pretty sure they send it off.

I’ve used Trail Labs twice now for my well out of warranty forks and shocks. One set of suspension was a 2011 Specialized Brain setup that not a soul locally would touch. The service was easy to book and I felt that it was a great value for the money!

If you are willing to ship, Fluid Focus in San Marcos CA has been great for me. Have had them do custom shock tune, bushing replacements on forks, factory level/major service on both shocks and forks. Everything has turned out well each time.