Varicocele - any experience?

Hi everybody. Excuse the slightly sensitive subject!

For around 8 weeks now I’ve been aware of a varicocele. It seemed to come on after doing a ramp test in a new and poorly fitting pair of bibs and is almost entirely painless. The most I get is a slight sensation and if I self examine too much, a nausea much like any impact to the testicles would produce.

Since I’m not generally bothered by pain or discomfort from it, I’m not hugely worried but it occurred to me there might be others who’ve dealt with similar and have advice to share. Ideally, I’d like it to go away - realistic?

Thanks in advance.


Depending on the severity I believe they can be surgically “removed or fixed” by I was told it wouldn’t be worth the risk unless it was extremely painful or effecting sperm count.

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