Using Wahoo Elemnt to Prepare for rides

Hey guys,

I have a Wahoo Kickr for TrainerRoad sessions, and an Elemnt for outdoor biking. Something has just dawned on me.

Is it possible to send a route to the Elemnt and then have it program the Kickr so that I can practice a route? If so, how do I do that?




Perfect. Thanks guys!

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This is really an epiphany for me. Now I can load a route, or the tricky parts of a route, and practice so that come the day I’m confident I have my pacing right. Great stuff.

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And since Santa’s gonna bring me a CLIMB there will be no excuses!

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I have one ride that is 14 hours long. For my entertainment: Can you recommend a colour paint that I can watch dry?


I think Wahoo is coming out with the new ROLLR which paints your walls any color you like whilst you work out. 2019’s essential bike training kit :sunglasses:



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What about the element bolt?

Same holds true. It is the same exact setup to pull in rides.