Help with dumb trainer

Hello, this is my first post here. I use the TR around a year ago. I have a velocomp powermeter (I do not know how accurate it is but for what I use it, it works pretty well).
Also, I use a dumb 3 rolls trainer to do my workouts. And my problem is related to the small amount of workouts that exist for this type of trainers.
My problem is that with this type of trainer, I can not reach high levels of power like those offered by most of workouts in TR where they ask for high power levels in a very short time (in fact, If you can reach it, you should start increasing the power long time before the sprint starts).
My question is, does someone have the same problem? How do you solve it?
Are TR going to add more workouts where this type of trainers is contemplated?

Can you share a link to the exact trainer you have?

It may help us diagnose your issue and recommend a possible solution.

This model GH-565 1 brand GHBIKE

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OK, just wanted to see what model of rollers.

For clarity, TR makes workouts based on power and resistance needed to force desired adaptations in the body. They do not have anything to do with the type of trainer, or rollers in this case, that the athlete uses. The range of trainers and rollers essentially has little to do with the design of training plans and workouts to make riders faster.

With that said, the lack of resistance on rollers is a common limiter to the design.

  1. The first suggestion I have is to experiment with lower tires pressures on your bike. If you drop the pressure (maybe drop 10-20 psi from your current setting) will force the tire to wrap more around the rollers, and increase pedaling resistance.

  2. Another option I have seen with plastic rollers is to use a towel placed under on of the rollers, to increase friction.

  3. Another is to use tires with high rolling resistance. Essentially, many cheaper tires, and ones that have lots of puncture protection, will require more effort to ride. This combined with the lower pressure above may be enough to help you get more resistance for the harder efforts you need.

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