Using TR to supplement other sports/activities (lifting)

I know TR is all about making us go faster (and they do)… however what if there was a focus to have TR supplement something else? Like in my case, the powerlifting.

The whole video of the cyclist powering the toaster gave me the idea. I’m going to go though ssblv2 and thought maybe to help my lifts, I should consider trying short power build. The explosive power might compliment really well. Any thoughts on this?

I’m sure this is the minority (if anyone at all) but anyone else out there use TR as a supplement to another sport or activity?

Ultimately i would think if you want to be a better powerlift, lift more and spend your non-lifting time recovering or doing accessory work/yoga. I can’t see what adding the additional stress of a cycling program would bring to your lifting. I would’ve thought some easy aerobic riding (pettit, taku etc) on your non-lifting days would be sufficient to keep you fresh for your lifting days.

In the case that you want to keep some fitness on the bike, that’s another question, and perhaps one of the time crunched or maintenance plans would be your friend.