Using PowerMatch with 2014 Kickr and 4iiii dual sided Podiiiium PM

So i’m struggling to get PowerMatch to work with my new 4iiii PM. I have enabled PowerMatch in the Wahoo iOS app and punched in the same ANT+ ID (the one on the non-drive side crank) as the one I’ve used to connect my new dual sided PM to my Edge 830 but my Kickr is showing approx half the watts that my 830 is seeing. No doubt I’m doing something stupid so if you can help my identity what then it would be awesome! I’ve popped a note to Wahoo for support but everyone on here is so clued up that I figured I might get help more easily here.

Solved - i ignored the erroneous data in the Wahoo app and closed it. Then both PM sensors popped up in the TR app and I paired them. Then i selected PowerMatch and hey presto…it worked! :blush: