Using a Wahoo Kickr for mileage with Garmin 935

I understand that mileage isn’t an important training metric, but I do use it for keeping track of wear on components and the like. I use a stages power meter and match it with my wahoo kickr. I have recently linked my kickr with my Garmin as well, but it looks like now I’m not getting cadence data from the stages into the Garmin - perhaps because the Kickr is taking precedence as the power meter instead of the stages?

Anyhow, if anybody knows how to get your Garmin to record speed, mileage and cadence using a power meter and a Kickr, I’d be grateful.

Bluetooth only allows one connection, so be sure and connect your 935 to Stages using ANT+. I have a Kickr 2017 and Stages PM. With my Garmin Edge 520 it connects using ANT+. Then TrainerRoad on iPhone connects using Bluetooth. Works great and I get power, cadence, “virtual speed” and “virtual miles.” The virtual speed comes from Kickr and its always wrong. By a lot. When using 50 chainring on front, and 15 cassette on back, the Kickr will give me something like 24mph for the entire ride. Yes, 24mph for the warmup, 24mph for hard intervals, 24mph for rest intervals, etc. That is because Kickr reports virtual speed based on how fast the Kickr’s flywheel is spinning.

Thanks! I’ll try to make sure it hooks up using Ant+. And yeah, I don’t take any stock in trainer miles (although on my set up it’s more like 14mph), it’s at least some sort of way to gauge usage over time. I suppose hours or something would also work but Garmin is already set up to keep track of equipment miles.

My rule of thumb is 4000-5000 miles to replace Ultegra shifting cables, I know where you are coming from.

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I have been getting my mileage by having TR sync with Garmin Connect and Strava. Itll give you miles there. I am using a Hammer trainer.

Looks like the 935 will only let me have one power meter connected at a time. If I connect the Stages, then the Kickr disconnects automatically and vice versa. Frustrating.