Garmin E830 settings on Kicker to record distance/speed

Hi all,

I use to have a Garmin E810, and when riding workouts on the Kickr via TR I use to get a speed/distance data stream. thinking some how/some point the way data is collected/sync changed.

Since I’ve got the new E830 I’m not getting this anymore.

PS: I use power and cadence from from Stages PM onto the Garmin via ANT+ This goes to Garmin and from there to Strava.
TR is talking to the stages via BTLE and only using the cadence value, from where TR talks to Kickr, TR runs on my iPad, This also goes to Strava. (This is where I use to have distance/Speed).

wish, let me try and restate this as it seems no one is commenting.
I use my Garmin on my Trainer to pull my HR data, as thats the only source my Medical Insurance recognises/accepts as such my Garmin is set to indoor, it then pairs with my HR Strap and my Stages PM, it consumes power and cadence, this is uploaded to Connect.Garmin , this is configured to push to Strava from where my Insurance Company then get their data.
Additional to this, my Kicked upload Power from the Kickr, Cadence from the Stages and HR from HR Strap. This goes directly to TR from where it goes to Strava and to TP.

Previously I use to get "speed or was it distance, but end result was distance and a avg speed inside Strava and TP, which tells me this actually came from TR as it’s what was common.

Recently I’ve noticed no more distance/speed in TR or TP and I’d like to get back to having it, even if it’s a fudged value as it gives me some insight for one on the life of the cassette and chain and “time on trainer” for the frame.
Even though a Edge is involved, thinking this data somehow needs to “come back” / “restored” from the TR environment so that it ends in TR and TP,

ideas ?


I’d contact support at TR so they can look into what’s going on behind the scenes.

Has there been a firmware update on the Kickr?

You will need to connect your kickr to your garmin in order to get the speed/distance data - you dont need to be controlling your trainer with your garmin but it does need to be linked. Not sure if you also need to be on an indoor profile on your garmin.

Also, on the wahoo kickr app select the “use ERG mode speed simulation” setting to get realisting speed and distance readings based on the power you are putting out.

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The data going to Garmin, goes
Garmin-> Strava - if normal outside ride, they stay here, if a TR ride then the ride is manually deleted.
Garmin-> Medical Provider, to earn health rewards.

For TrainerRoad:
Device->TR->Strava - This record remains, this is where I’m missing speed/distance

I’m looking for speed/distance on the rides that remains on Strava and thats the actual TR workout, which goes TR->Strava and TR->TP.


I"m not using Wahoo Kickr app, I’m using TR.

From the first hit when I type “Garmin edge 830 indoor mode” into Google which is a link to Garmin’s help pages:

The device includes an indoor activity profile where GPS is turned off. When GPS is turned off, speed and distance are not available unless you have a compatible sensor or indoor trainer that sends speed and distance data to the device.

So, as @kevstraining says, you need to connect your Kickr to your Garmin.

Edit: doing the same search for the Edge 810 and that does the same so it’s likely that you did connect your Kickr and 810 but have forgotten that you did so.

You only need the app to change the setting on the kickr - once the setting is changed you don’t need it to be running :slightly_smiling_face:


I have dev not forgotten, and the information flow from the Kickr goes to the mobile app to TR to Strava.
The information going to the Stages PM → Garmin E830 goes to Strava and is thrown away, I’m not looking for the data on that record. My Medical provider is just asking for a fit file showing my HR did X for Y period.

Thanks, think this might be the root. will go look.
As you imply the Kickr might not be sharing this virtual speed/distance anymore.
Don’t recall a FW patch.

What mobile app? That’s the first time you’ve mentioned that!

I suspect that English might not be your first language but each of your posts states a different thing.

The support article I quoted states why you don’t get speed/distance data from the file recorded by the Garmin unit so you need to enable a different path (this is the same on both the 810 and the 830 so if the data was appearing on the 810 then you or someone else had to have set it up) and it’s nothing to do with TR or TP.

Mobile app: TR
If you go relook at my data flow O’ve repeatedly now shown the data going to Garmin is not the problem, it’s the data going to TR-> Strava thats the problem, that persists.



I’ll repeat my first suggestion: contact TR’s support. That’s what they are there for. They can look at before and after files and see if there’s any difference in what’s being sent or how TR manage it.

you were spot on.
Once I went into the Wahoo app, configured the simulate/generate speed/distance when ERG mode configured the Kickr to “expose” a speed sensor/distance,

now going into the Garmin I was able to pickup this sensor, it also now pushing these “simulated” values from the TR app.


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