Users commenting on workouts - do you miss it?

There use to be a way of commenting on other TR user’s workouts. I follow a few of my friends and they, likewise, view my activity on occasion, however, we miss the motivational aspect of our friend’s comments and feedback.

Does anyone else miss this feature? There’s not even a way to ‘like’ someone’s workout.

So like on Strava?

Never used that feature as I am training secretly :martial_arts_uniform:
Can see some value there.

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I used it, but only rarely. Most of that is now possible if they have Strava linked as well.

I miss it. I used it and found useful to receive feedback and make suggestions based on ride descriptions.

Don’t miss it, Strava is there for the kudos/comments anyway in my opinion.


I don’t post my TR workouts on Strava.