USAC XC MTB National Championships 2021

How are you training/preparing for XC nationals? Know anything about the course? Bike setup?

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Sweet Spot Base + Short Power Build + Marathon Speciality for me. It is 4 laps for masters 1/2 men so 4 x 9m climbs that are more brutal than punchy followed by a ‘non-technical’ descent (your opinion may differ) and then a punchy return section on Serenity trail. Entire race is at high elevation so going up the 1st climb at your sea-level FTP early in the race can spell disaster late in the race. I like the 4 x 10m tempo, sweet spot, and then threshold workout progression in Marathon Speciality as this matches the race demand really well of the 1st climb.


Do you know if this year’s course is the same as the one from 2019?

The dates changed on it a month or so ago. Just make sure you are aware…

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USAC is coming up next week in Winter Park, but does anybody know when the Pro race is? Unless i’m reading the schedule wrong, I can’t find it.

I’m also considering going up on Monday to race the Cat2/Novice field. Has anyone been to a national championship and spent the week up there? Wondering if there are vendors and people sticking around all week, and if it’s worth the drive to be in the atmosphere.

Yes, there are lots of vendors and pro riders riding around the ski resort. You can go up to any pro you want and talk to them.

Yeah not sure what it will be like this year with the changes. Yes, there are vendors there typically but with most of the schedule during the week and not starting the typical Thur-Sun, who knows. The schedule change really messes this up. Was planning on going but my wife took off the wrong week since they changed the dates and I can’t do it solo during the middle of the week for masters cat 1

Pro men - Sat July 10 5:30pm
Pro women- Sat July 10 3:30pm

Did you end up heading up there @Dschlag @Chance_Wagner ?

Any course/race updates if you are?

Looks like Jonathan came 8th in his race.

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Looks like 6th

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Missed 5th by 4 tough seconds by the look of it.


6th at Nats is a serious result. Way to go, @Jonathan !


That’s awesome @Jonathan :clap:t2: Well done you and team Trainerroad.

Can’t wait to hear the recap.


Considering he opted for a rigid post to save a couple hundred grams I doubt it, but I hope he had a GoPro or two on.

Can’t wait to hear the debrief. Does anyone know if there’s a pod coming? I thought they said there’d be a pre-recorded one, but maybe there’ll be a post race one?

Or just wait for next week and hear about both the XCO and XCC :man_shrugging::rofl:

Do you have a link for this? My google-fu has failed me.

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Anybody seen October Sky? I feel like we are all at home cheering for Homer (Jonathan) at the national competition :joy:

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Great work by @Jonathan to take 6th. Was really surprised though he didn’t use a dropper. Be interesting to know how many in the Top 5 ran droppers.

Anyone know if there will be any live coverage of the Pro Race on Saturday? Would love to be able to watch a video feed.