2023 USAC XCO MTB Nationals

I’m hearing unsubstantiated rumors that 2023 MBT Nats is going to be held in Vermont, possibly Killington?? Can anyone corroborate or refute? @Jonathan , Sorry for the move from the level playing field of Winter Park!:joy::joy:

Related post with plenty of “Coming Soon” spots for those items to be determined:

I’m still waiting on the details that will be “finalized later”, but in the meantime, I am wondering if anyone knows…
At the bottom, it lists XCM in Fall 2023 in Auburn, Alabama, which is super exciting as that’s where I live! Is this just one of the races in the series, or is it more of a national championship race? I’ve not really followed USAC stuff since it’s never been relevant to me, but I’m interested in this. I guess my big question is: Is this a race to which I can just show up (single day license required?), or is it something for which you have to qualify? If qualifying is the case, then I look forward to volunteering/spectating! :grin:

It has qualifications for certain categories. They usually post them in the document.

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It’s back at bear creek PA. Time for some east coast rocks (at sea level!!!)


Any linking to the course yet? I thought it was finalized with that last XC they had there but can’t find a ride with GPS or strava gps

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a more accurate vid of the white course, there’s one by the same provider of the red (which looks gnar) 2023 USAC XC MTB Nats Course - YouTube